Double Trouble: 5 Reasons We Love Working Out As A Couple!

Everything is more fun with a friend! Yoga, gym workouts, walks- even the post-workout smoothie is more enjoyable to sip on with someone else beside you! We know that team M&S works best when we are together- and here are the reasons why:




1. Motivation

If one of us is feeling a bit tired or unmotivated, the other will always be there to pick the other up and get them moving!




2. Feedback

When we practice yoga together, we are able to give feedback on each other’s postures, meaning that we are still working as a motivated team- even during yoga!


3. Quality time

Being each other’s number one workout buddy allows us to spend quality time together while also exercising- handy!


Even Chico likes to join in :)
Even Chico likes to join in 🙂


4. Competition

There is nothing wrong with a bit of friendly competition, and team M&S know a thing or two about that! We both push each other and compete (maybe a little too much!…

Suz: I beat Mike in tennis, but Mike beats me in table tennis…

Mike: I also win in everything else!

Suz: NO he doesn’t!!!

(you get the picture!)




5. Fun

It is way easier to stick to something when you actually enjoy it, so working out with a partner is always going to help in that area…just don’t get too competitive like us!!!

Mike & Suz ☺

Got your workout/yoga buddy??? GOOD! You will love our February specials for couples! To stay in theme, you have TWO specials to choose from:

1. $16 per week direct debit memberships with one month FREE for students who sign up as a pair! (sign up in the same studio, at the same time only! $1.10 transaction fee, $15 admin fee, free month will commence 2 weeks after first payment, minimum 3 months cancellation policy)

2. Every weekend is a long weekend in February! From Friday-Sunday bring a friend for free! (February only!)

To check our timetables for when you and your buddy would like to come and get sweaty together, download the PPHY app!