Do You Remember To Drink Enough Water? Here’s 5 Ways To Remind Yourself!

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Drinking water is essential to the yogic lifestyle- especially when you are a fan of Hot Yoga! Even without the amount of sweat we lose in a Hot Yoga class, staying hydrated is a key element to any healthy regime. Staying hydrated can keep your energy levels up and your hunger levels down! It also helps with digestion, clear skin and LOTS more! With our busy lifestyles, we know that water is one of our best friends and we have a few ways we like to remind ourselves to DRINK UP!


  1. Bigger is better!

Our number one tip is to bring a big-arse bottle of water around with you! This will be a constant reminder to drink up! Plus, if it is big enough, it can even be a mini workout for the arms! 😉


  1. Drink BPA free.

Plastic bottles can release harmful toxins into our drinking water- especially if they are old and reused too many times. We drink from BPA-free drink bottles to avoid this and help the environment! We reach for our Fressko RISE Flask (BPA free, chemical free and reusable!) when we are thirsty!


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  1. Jazz up your bottle


Drinking from an old plastic disposable bottle that has been rolling around in your car for a couple of weeks isn’t going to encourage you to drink more water- yuk! Go out and buy yourself a trendy drink bottle so that you look cool when you rehydrate 😉 Check out THESE on-trend options from Man & Bird…


  1. Add a little something


Adding some flavor (not the sugary stuff!) to your water can encourage you to rehydrate and make the experience more enjoyable. Add fruit pieces, lemon, mint or tea to infuse your water with extra nutrients. Want some special drink bottles and flasks designed for this? Our friends at Man & Bird have your sorted!


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  1. Keep it cool


Insulated water bottles are a fab way to keep your water cool. A nice, refreshing cool-down is a sure way to attract you to your bottle!


Drink up, Yogis!




Mike & Suz 🙂


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