Have A Chat With Our Yoga Teacher Trainees!

Part 1 of our PPHY yoga teacher training is more than half way through — with Adelaide and Brisbane completed (now busy preparing for Part 2!) and Melbourne and Sunshine Coast currently in the works!

For us, the whole experience has been mind-blowing, and we are especially impressed by all of our amazing trainees! They have been so passionate, so eager and so keen to learn, and it has been an absolute pleasure teaching them the ways of a yoga instructor.




As much as we could go on and on about what an amazing experience we’ve been having, it is more about how our trainees have been feeling about their new adventure! So, we had a chat to some of them over the last few weekends to see how they are feeling, what they have learned and their hopes for the future. Throughout this post you will find some of our favourite feedback quotes, and we will be uploading some video chats soon!




People decide to become yoga instructors for all different reasons, and in the PPHY teacher training program, this is VERY important. We teach our trainees to identify their life goals and to focus on them. We then give them the tools they need to achieve them…


“I decided to sign up to the PPHY teacher training program to improve myself and my health.”





“I started as a PPHY student about 8 weeks ago. Yoga became such a life changing experience for me that I wanted to learn more about what yoga was doing for my body. I felt the changes within myself, not only physically but mentally as well. When I saw the training program come up I just thought it would be an amazing experience.”





“Yoga is something I have always wanted to do. I have been practicing for about 10 years and I just love it. I was never in the right place in my life to do the teacher training — just until recently. My husband found the PPHY program and so I did a bit of reading and watched the podcasts and I just really resonated with everything Mike and Suz were offering.”





“I chose to do the training because I saw it as such a fantastic opportunity. I have been practicing at PPHY for a few years now, and I really wanted to take on the challenge of learning more about myself and about what benefits I can get from each posture.”



Spirituality and personal experience are vital components in yoga, and to become a good yoga instructor it is important that these topics are understood and practiced positively. During Part 1 of our training, we explore yoga from a spiritual and mindful perspective…


“I mainly wanted to become a yoga instructor for the lifestyle. If I want to practice yoga everyday, why not teach it? So far, I have enjoyed this part of the training — I feel that I have started to connect with the spiritual side of yoga… I wasn’t expecting that!”


View our Video Chat with Gary on our YouTube channel!




“We learned to overcome our fears. This was done in a group environment where we shared what we were most afraid of… and then we overcame those fears!






“Highlights have been learning about myself and really being honest with myself… I have learnt a lot about how our thoughts translate into our body mechanisms.”



Of course, we have also looked closely at the anatomy (Mike’s favourite topic! Read more about this in our previous blog post) and the physical side of yoga. The trainees have been learning about how yoga poses affect the body. Many of our trainees have been surprised at how in-depth our training is, and everyone has learned a few things they didn’t expect…


“It’s been really fun and exciting to go through all the postures and get a more in-depth knowledge about each pose and how to strengthen it.”





“We have been looking at a lot of anatomy and physical topics — how yoga actually benefits the body, rather than just how you think it does.”



No matter which state we are in or which trainees we are working with, there is always a common theme in our teacher training courses — friendship. We have been helping people to become yoga teachers for years now, and many of them still maintain friendships that they made in our programs. This is so valuable because it means that our trainees not only complete our programs with new skills, but also new friends and a support network of like-minded people. We have already seen this in our current teacher training program…


“People have really been connecting and getting to know each other. Everyone in the teacher training program is completely different… but we’re all here for the same purpose.”



View our video chat with Shelly on our YouTube channel!




We’re currently working with our new Melbourne trainees for their Part 1 section of the program, and we’re looking forward to sharing their feedback with you all as well. For now, we will leave you with our favourite quote — one from Shelly, an Adelaide trainee, about her thoughts on the training so far:


“It was a lot more than just yoga… it was really life changing!”



It’s feedback like this that makes it all worth it! Thanks to all our trainees for their dedication and their positive feedback. Tune into the next blog post to see what we have been getting up to in Melbourne!


Mike & Suz

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