AcroVinyasa Hits Peak Physique Hot Yoga!

We love AcroYoga- so we’re bringing it home to the Peak Physique Hot Yoga community!





Apart from being the ultimate yoga photo opportunity, AcroYoga is actually very beneficial- and not just for your instagram account!

AcroYoga has a long list of physical and mental benefits including:

-stress relief

-string immune system

-increased quality of life

-strength enhancement

-improved digestion

-improved mental stability

-relief of sore muscles




AcroYoga also has a strong focus on partnership building. Concepts such as trust, connection and relationships are key factors of AcroYoga, with strength building movements and acrobatics used to practice being ‘in the moment’ with the other person in the pose.

One of the fundamentals of AcroYoga is to be strong and powerful in both mind and body- this is especially important for the ‘base’ partner, allowing the ‘flyer’ to move freely and confidently.

The ‘flyer’ in AcroYoga learns how to center balance and trust the ‘base’ to move them with control.

We have recently undertaken a Yoga Teacher Training course in AcroVinyasa and are now happy to announce we are both certified Acro Teachers! The training was very challenging, with long days and many, many hours of partner work and inversions such as headstands, handstands and cool balancing poses!




We found the training very very intense with 6am starts and 10pm finishes- but we really loved it! We worked through about 4 classes each day with lectures in between! Phew! But it was totally worth it because we are now accredited and want to bring our new found love to Peak Physique Hot Yoga!



Want to get involved? Come along to our first of many AcroVinyasa classes! We will be focusing on:

-inversion poses

-turning your earth yoga postures into flying yoga postures

-partner postures and trust building

-incorporating acrobatics into your everyday practice



Where: Prospect Studio (upstairs- 194a Prospect Road, Prospect SA 5082)

Date: 13th December

Time: 10:00am-1:00pm

Cost: $70

Prepare to make new friends, take lots of cool yoga photos and have an amazing time!


To book:

Click HERE

W: www.peakphysiquehotyoga.com.au

Ph: 0457 695 123

E: peakphysiquemanagement@gmail.com



Mike and Suz 🙂