About Us

Peak Physique Hot Yoga, fitness based yoga, which anyone can do.

Franchise Culture!

By sharing a passion of fitness and hot yoga in the health industry together we can reach to more people. Peak Physique family members share the the same company core beliefs and values, which has built a strong culture within Peak Physique. We individualise franchisee support on a day to day basis as we understand each franchisee has different needs in the life of a business. By giving solid support we know we can assist franchisees in being the most successful they can be. We are big believers if our franchisees are successful then we are successful as a brand.

The Founders & Continual Growth

Founders Michael & Suzanna Calava husband and wife have created a true fitness based hot yoga experience nurturing franchisees and clients right from the start. They first opened Peak Physique Hot Yoga on a side street in Adelaide in 2011, their passion of fitness and supportive nature is what led to the speed success of Peak Physique.

They share a true passion for what they do, staying strong behind their core values and beliefs; bringing a different approach to yoga is what has differentiated their yoga to other studios. Our clients continue to see this which is what has grown Peak Physique to where it is today.

Their vision of Peak Physique Hot Yoga is to bring the fitness approach of Hot Yoga to all over Australia and internationally. Michael & Suzanna will continue to deliver a business in a box solution to franchisees giving them the support of running a successful yoga business.

Our Support Mechanisms

Our Peak Physique team starts from working with the elite in their fields. We continue to strive to work with the best to give our franchisees the right support they need. We give a business in a box solution to franchisees who are passionate about yoga and fitness but need the strategies of business. We utilise different platforms proceeding with streamline consistent technology and support driven data giving our franchisees the tools they need in order to succeed.

Peak Physique Certified Instructors

All of our instructors at Peak Physique are certified to teach our signature classes. You can become an instructor of Peak Physique by completing our Master Yoga Certification. All instructors must complete various training modules in order to teach or facilitate within Peak Physique Hot Yoga studios.

Our Peak Physique education training platform is widely used throughout Australia, it is readily available online and affordable to complete. Giving many opportunities for people who are passionate about giving our clients results an opportunity to instruct or facilitate within our network.