A Day Of Family, Fun and YOGA!

What could be more fun (or more cute!) than kids doing yoga? This is exactly what happened at the last Free Family Fun Day, as part of the school holidays program run by The Charles Sturt Council. As directors of Peak Physique Hot Yoga and self-proclaimed yoga-enthusiasts, we believe that yoga is a unique way to engage people of all ages in their community!


family 2


Mike: I think that getting involved with your local community. We have travelled and seen what it is like to have no facilities or assistance, and so I believe it is important to keep these qualities alive in our community. I also believe it helps to give people direction and calmness in their local environment.


Suz: By sharing a yoga class with others, you can learn to do postures together, share energy, have fun and build friendships. Yoga is a great way to connect with yourself, meet new people and share similar interests, which you might not get in your everyday life.




Getting involved in our local community is one of our goals for 2016- so we were so excited to be a part of the Charles Sturt Free Family Fun Day!

Held at The Brocas Community Center on Woodville Road, the day kicked off at 10am, with music, food and activities for all ages to enjoy! With toy areas, balloons, bouncy-balls and yummy treats, the event was a fun-filled way for parents to spend some quality time with their kids…and then came the yoga!


family 1




Ran by Peak Physique Hot Yoga instructor, Kaysee, the kids were soon in all sorts of poses- from tiny sun-salutations to mini down-ward-dogs! Different concepts of yoga were also covered, such as how to set an intention, breath-control and balance. With yoga being a great way to help children to learn about health, exercise and mental clarity, the Family Fun Day was an opportunity for parents and kids to learn about some key basics of the practice.


family 5


Overseen by Kaysee’s special little yoga mascot, George the toy monkey, the kids all had a great time playing musical yoga statues and balancing games- all finished off with a quiet meditation and relaxing music (something we’re sure the parents were grateful for!)

family 8




Mike & Suz 🙂


For more information about Peak Physique Hot Yoga, click HERE! For more information about the Charles Sturt Council’s Free Family Fun Days, click HERE (link to their page)