A Day In The Life Of Mike & Suz!

People often ask us how we keep up with our busy lifestyles and work- and to be honest, it isn’t always easy! One thing we have learned is that organisation is the KEY! We know that we have a busy schedule, but staying organised is how we still manage to fit in yoga, fitness, a healthy diet and time for each other! We wanted to give you an insight into what our lives entail and how we organise our tasks to make sure we stay on top of them! It may seem hectic, but to be honest- we wouldn’t have it any other way!


Suz making oats for breakfast!


-Suz has a Green tea and organises daily tasks- 150 emails received!

-Mike has a wheatgrass shot and reads the paper


Chico having his favourite breakfast- we always have to make extra for him!
Chico having his favourite breakfast- we always have to make extra for him!


6.30am: Hot Yoga time!

Hot yoga class at home 30 minutes express taken by either of us! Sometimes Suz’s Mum likes to join in!


working 6

working 5



-Suz makes oats with blueberries, honey, lindseeds, chia seeds and mint

-Mike dissects through his work emails & organises the day ahead


730am to 830am: Gym time!

-Mike trains his muscle group

-Suz trains her muscle group

-Followed by a green juice for both of us!


8:30am to 1.00pm: Business/work time!

-This includes organising teacher trainings, reviewing tasks at hand, business meetings, website development, reviewing our 21-Day Detox Guide (COMING SOON!), finalising other various weight-loss programs for clients, assisting with student phone calls for our hot yoga studios, training staff, tasks at hand for Seaton & Prospect Studio, planning the BALI teacher training (COMING UP ON 14th SEPTEMBER 2016!), supporting franchisees of Peak Physique Hot Yoga franchisees, reviewing property development sites… the list goes on! Phew!


working pic 4


-Suz makes lunch! Usually a salad or fish- anything healthy, really!



-We both take Chico for walk (one of our favourite times of the day- and Chico agrees!)




-We both finish any tasks left from the morning


4:00pm: Our time – well deserved!


-We go for roller blade or walk, go to the beach or out for a snack at a café! We also like to boogie board, surf, run, hike… it really just depends where we are in world!


7:00pm: Dinner time!

-Suz cooks a healthy dinner- usually fish, lentils, beans etc

-Mike sometimes cooks- this is when we get gourmet meal!



– both review the day and then plan for remaining part of the week




8.30pm to 10:00pm



11:00pm to 1:00am

Sleep (MOST of the time- just depends how much work we have!)


We hope you have found this helpful and even inspiring, so that you can live the life you want, too!


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Mike & Suz 🙂