5 Ways Technology Can Improve Your Home Workout!

In this busy modern world, technology helps us in so many ways- this is something we personally know very well, as we run our business online from all over the world! From the computers we work on to the phones we socialise from, it seems that we would be lost without our high-tech gadgets! Because we travel all over the world while aiming to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle, we have had to find ways to incorporate an exercise routine into our already SUPER busy schedules- and we have found that technology can help us here, too! When it comes to following a workout routine that can be done ANYWHERE (without gyms and without studios) we have found that technology is one of our favourite workout buddies!

Here are 5 ways we like to tech-up our home workouts!

1. Monitors

2015 was the year of the fitness monitor and 2016 is sure to bring out even newer versions! Lots of different brands and companies have been releasing little watch-like devices that seem to do everything- monitor your heart rate, count your steps, tell you how many calories you have consumed, wash the dishes (ok maybe not that last one…). The best part? Some of the newer models even have a ‘yoga’ setting that lets the device know when you are doing yoga, allowing it to give you some feedback on your practice! If only it could hold the more strenuous poses for us…

2. Apps 

It can often feel like our phones are surgically attached to our hands, with apps for just about everything allowing us to have access to our digital lives at the swipe of a finger. There are lots of apps for cooking, tracking your diet, counting your calories and documenting your exercises- but what about for yoga? The Peak Physique Hot Yoga app allows you to check the timetable of your favourite studio, sign up for classes and stay up to date with studio news and promotions. It is also a form of motivation- signing up for a class means you are more likely to attend, plus the app is always sending you little bits of yogic motivation and inspiration!


app logo


3. Arms bands

Nothing like a bit of music for extra motivation, right? But those pesky earphone cords can get in the way of your workout. There are loads of arm bands out there to choose from, and these can be both convenient and safer when exercising (holding your music device while running or walking can injure your shoulder!). These are also perfect for when you want to zone out of reality by listening to music during your yoga practice- music to your ears, hands-free!

workout gadgets


4. Bluetooth 

If an armband still isn’t going to cut it when it comes to supplying music to your yoga practice, then Bluetooth is your new mat mate! Bluetooth speakers allow for cord-free listening, so no more tangles during your downward dogs!

yoga technology


5. Blogs

Reading about health and fitness can be one of the most powerful motivation tools. Keeping up to date with your favourite health or yoga blog can keep you on track and focused on your goals! The Peak Physique Hot Yoga blog covers lots of interesting topics (like this one!) as well as yoga information, recipes and inspiration! Keep up to date with each blog post by downloading the Peak Physique Hot Yoga app! We’ll send you a notification each time we have a new blog post for you!


Workouts that you can do ANYWHERE are the BEST workouts- no excuses! Enjoy your teched-up practice!


Mike & Suz 🙂