Month: April 2016

Cacao & Matcha Latte

This recipe is the ultimate alternative to coffee (especially when you are in detox mode)! Matcha is a concentrated, powdered version of green tea, meaning that it has even more benefits including increased energy and a speedier metabolism! One cup of matcha tea has the equivalent of ten cups of green tea – so that is …

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Lemons VS Limes

The battle between these two citrus fruits is not a sour one (excuse the pun!) with both being very similar in nutritional values. While Lemons are a slightly richer source of Vitamin C and Folate, Limes are not far behind in this respect. Health-wise, the two fruits are very similar and differ more in taste …

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Yoga For Mental Health

While yoga is often hailed for the physical benefits of the practice (increased fitness, improved flexibility, better digestion, clear skin, muscle building – we could go on all day!), many people do not realise the power that it has in regards to mental health. Mental health is something that can affect anyone in so many …

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Almond & Leek Soup

In the cooler months, there is nothing we like better than soups! Full of nutrients and fantastic for the immune system, soups are a warming way of adding more veggies into your diet! There are also endless options to choose from, making eating healthy in the colder months easy and interesting! Some of our favourites …

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