Month: March 2016

Fit Bites Recipe

Have you ever been caught in that awkward no-eating period before a hot yoga class? You’re one hour away from stepping on the mat and you know that eating a meal is simply not an option… but you’re hungry! You’re worried that you wont have the energy to complete the class, but you know you …

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Beach Yoga

Beach yoga – the words are like music to the ears of any dedicated yogi or outdoorsy type! We have to admit that the beach is our special place. No matter where we travel to around the world, we always stay close to the beach because it is something that we both love. The sand, …

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Life Before Hot Yoga

    Hot yoga is one of the central elements to our self-customised, healthy lifestyle. It helps us to stay fit, detoxify and keep our minds clear! It is a consistent part of our lives, but it wasn’t always this way! There was a time when we hadn’t even heard of hot yoga and weren’t aware …

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