Where It All Began: The Ultimate PPHY Love Story!

Yoga is all about learning to love yourself, your life and the people around you, and luckily for us, we have a LOT of love in our lives! We first met years ago as two strangers on a night out in Adelaide. Now, several yoga studios later (as well as a bunch of successful franchise meetings, countless gym workouts, hours of teacher training – both as students and as teachers! – and a wedding!) we are still just as in love as the moment we met! Despite our hectic schedules, we still ensure that we make time for each other EVERYDAY, so that we can enjoy our relationship, support each other and remind ourselves of the important things in life.


It all began at an unlikely spot for two yogis! Vodka bar in Adelaide was where we first locked eyes- and it really was love from that moment on!



“A guy came up to me and asked me to get the attention of one of his friends. This ‘friend’ turned out to be Mike, and after tapping him on the shoulder and explaining that his friend was trying to get his attention, I was surprised to find that he instead started talking to me! I remember it was such a fun-filled conversation and I was instantly attracted to his amazing smile and sense of humour! We quickly found a common ground in health and fitness and even worked out that we went to the same gym as one another! After talking a little bit more, we also found a common interest in yoga and strength workouts. I was already doing hot yoga at the time and Mike was doing pilates… I soon converted him to the hot side!”


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“The first thing that attracted me to Suzanna was her smile and the pink dress she was wearing that night (still her favourite colour!). She truly was the bright, glowing colour in a black and white movie- and that energy! Wow! I was instantly attracted to her.”


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From that first meeting, our relationship grew and blossomed, eventually evolving into the loving husband-and-wife team that we are today! After just 6 months of being together, the idea of Peak Physique Hot Yoga started to formulate. It began as just an idea for what we could do ‘one day.’ The more we talked about it and threw ideas around, the more it became obvious that this was a new life path that we wanted to take together. The rest? Well, it is history! The many studios, franchises, teacher trainings, health programs and yoga classes that exist within the PPHY company today are things that we are so proud of – not only because they represent our achievements, but also because they symbolise our relationship and are constant reminders that together, we can achieve anything!


Mike & Suz 🙂


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Our main aim in life is to inspire others to live the life they WANT – just like we have! Looking for your new life path? Perhaps you will find it in becoming a yoga teacher? Or perhaps in owning your own hot yoga studio?

Need a change? We’re ready when you are!