What Do You Love About Your Yoga Practice? A Student Interview!

We are constantly receiving positive feedback about our studios and yoga classes, so we decided to interview some of our most dedicated students! Meet Anthia, a regular at the Marion SA studio, who likes to use yoga to prevent injuries, stay flexible and compliment her other workouts!


Anthia 1


How long have you been practicing yoga?
I have been practicing yoga for over 1 year. Initially I practiced at Blackwood Fitness until I started classes at Peak Physique Hot Yoga.

How long have you been practicing with Peak Physique Hot Yoga?
I started my yoga training at Peak Physique Hot Yoga on 11th September 2015, just over 4 months ago.

Is Hot Yoga the only form of yoga you practice?
I enjoy the warm variation classes at Peak Physique Hot Yoga. They are a great stretch class and I feel very relaxed afterwards.

Anthia 2


Do you do any sports/other forms of exercise? If so, how does yoga help with this?
I like to vary my training. I am currently doing 2-3 sessions a week at Blackwood Fitness, which involves 20 mins on a rowing machine/bike and/or 30 mins strength training/cardio work in a studio room followed by a weights session.
I also like to do a hill climb once a week, an interval group training session at the gym & 4-5 yoga sessions a week at Peak Physique Hot Yoga.
Yoga has helped my training by improving my flexibility, minimising injury, improving my core strength & stretching my muscles.

How have you felt since practicing with Peak Physique Hot Yoga?
I feel happier & more relaxed since practicing yoga. Yoga has helped slow me down and it keeps me calm.

What results have you had from your yoga practice?
I have improved my flexibility, especially in my right hip flexor & hamstrings. I feel I can go further in my stretches than when I first started. I find it easier now to practice in a heated environment. The improved flexibility & stretching has assisted me in avoiding injury in all other activities.
The yoga practice has also helped me to identify areas I would like to improve on such as balance & practicing stillness during meditation.


What do you love most about your local studio?
I love the proximity of the Marion studio. It’s only a 9 minute drive from my home. The studio has great instructors, a variety of different classes & times to choose from.
The instructors are very motivational, inspiring & positive.


How do you feel after a Peak Physique Hot Yoga class?
I feel very calm after a hot yoga class. My muscles feel very stretched, aches are minimised & I have a feeling of accomplishment. I feel even better after a hot shower!!!


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