Experience Fitness Based Yoga

Build Strength, Flexibility And Lose Weight

Become a part of the largest yoga franchise in Australia, Peak Physique Hot Yoga!

Peak Physique Hot Yoga offer our clients a fitness based hot yoga experience. Our intention is to bring the fitness approach of Hot Yoga to you, which anyone can do.

At Peak Physique Hot Yoga we are results driven giving you the workout that you came for. All of our instructors are Peak Physique Certified and have been taken through our induction process ensuring you are in excellent hands. 

Our studios are family friendly, welcoming to all clients no matter of your age, male, female, shape, religion or background culture. We are inviting to everyone. All Peak Physique studio owners and Peak Physique instructors are friendly and kind welcoming everyone into our studios. 

Why Fitness Based Yoga?

Weight Loss

Our signature Peak Physique classes help our clients get weight loss results. Utilising our heating systems accelerates this process for you!

Muscle Toning

We use our body as resistant weight training in our classes. Burn fat and increase lean muscle.

Strength Enhancement

Working our entire body throughout the duration of the entire classes, improving your strength, from head to toe, move from weak to strong. Increase your flexibility and strength.


Signature Peak Physique twists and turns, massaging your lymphatic system and working out in the heat accelerates your detoxing levels. Remove wastes and pollution from your body.

General Well-Being

Clear your mind with our signature intentions, decrease your stress and anxiety levels, become calmer and feel at peace.

Reduce Anxiety & Stress

Our challenging workouts allows you to focus on what you are doing rather than the daily stresses of life. Learn to meditate with us and feel more calm and happy.

Infra-Red Heaters

All of our studios have infra-red heaters inside, used in order to help to increase your sweat, detox, increase blood flow and lose weight. Our hot yoga allows our clients to feel like they have worked out, burnt calories and detoxed.

Peak Physique only hire certified Peak Physique trained instructors insuring you of top quality service. All instructors are taken through Peak Physique’s Induction Course along with trained in our signature Peak Physique Hot Yoga sequences.

Our goal is to promote a true fitness based hot yoga experience nurturing our clients right from the start ensuring they get results.

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